COVID-19 Update

The Government has now removed all remaining restrictions in England. However, we will be keeping a lot of the safety measures we put in place as we feel they are good practise and have helped minimise risk on site. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Swimmers are asked to arrive with their swimming kits already on underneath their clothes so that they do not need to use the changing rooms before their lesson. We have changing stations by the poolside for parents/carers to get their babies ready just before their lessons though.
  • If swimmers are unwell, they are asked not to come to the swimming pool. If they become unwell on site, we ask that they please leave immediately and avoid contact with anyone else on site.
  • Swimmers are asked to try to arrive 'on time' for their lesson to avoid there being a lot of people on site. They may be required to wait outside or in their car until it is time for their lesson.
  • Our facilities are cleaned very regularly and there are anti-bacterial wipes easily and readily available for cleaning surfaces we've been in contact with.
  • We still request that any swimmers who have tested positive for COVID remain at home, as we would expect them to if they had any other illness.
  • If a swimmer contracts Covid-19 during a Crash Course week, we will credit their account on Course Pro for the remainder of their Crash Course booking (excluding the first day of them being ill, as we will not be able to fill their place on the same day as being told). If we are able to fill their place with a different swimmer, they will be offered a refund for the remainder of the course if they so wish.

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