Health & Safety

It is essential that you read and agree to these terms and conditions before commencing your swimming lessons with us, for your own safety and that of the others in the swimming pool.

  1. All swimmers should visit the toilet and shower before entering the pool.

  2. Please advise us of any health and/or learning difficulties (such as deafness, speech or understanding impediments) before enrolling, as this enables our teachers to prepare and discuss different strategies we can use to help the lessons run smoothly.

  3. We would recommend that if you eat before a lesson, you should have a light meal no less than an hour before swimming.

  4. Swimmers with heavy colds, sinusitis and ear infections are requested not to swim.

  5. Any swimmer who has had sickness or an upset tummy should not swim until at least 48 hours after the last bout of illness. If a swimmer has had an illness causing them to be absent from school or work for more than a week, or they have had to seek medical assistance, they should not swim for 2 weeks after the last bout of illness and they have been given the all clear from their GP.

  6. Anyone with bleeding skin wounds, even if small, should not go in the pool. Broken and grazed skin should be covered with a waterproof plaster.

  7. Verrucas must be covered either by a treatment cream barrier (such as Bazuka) or sealed with a waterproof plaster. Please ensure flip flops or pool shoes are worn on the poolside and in the changing area.

  8. We require notification as soon as possible if any swimmer has contracted any illness such as Meningitis or Hepatitis, to enable us to contact other swimmers and teachers and alert them to take the necessary medical precautions. Please ring for advice or contact your family GP if you have any further health queries.

  9. Our class sizes are small (4 babies, 3 children or 2 adults maximum at a time) and a teacher is in the water with young children and beginners.

  10. If you miss a lesson for any reason, payment for that lesson will be forfeited, as your place has still been held for you. We will only credit your account if we have had to cancel a lesson for any reason. Discounts may be given at the manager’s discretion for extenuating circumstances.

  11. If a swimmer contracts Covid-19 during a Crash Course week, we will credit their account on Course Pro for the remainder of their Crash Course booking (excluding the first day of them being ill, as we will not be able to fill their place on the same day as being told). If we are able to fill their place with a different swimmer, they will be offered a refund for the remainder of the course if they so wish.
  1. Safety for all is of paramount concern and we retain the right to remove anyone on, in or around the pool that causes us any concern whatsoever with regard to safety (inclusive of swimmers, teachers and spectators).

  2. Pools are noisy and loud poolside conversations can compromise safety, so we request spectators do not hold these on the poolside, as our swimmers must be able to hear instructions and not become distracted.

  3. We work closely with the Pool Manager, conduct health and safety checks at the beginning and end of each session, and have clear risk assessments which all staff are regularly updated on and hold full Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

  4. Any decisions to close the pool or cancel a lesson at any time are made in consultation with the Pool Manager to ensure the welfare of all pool users and staff.

  5. There is a strict NO RIGHT TURN policy in place at our Little Thetford site. This applies to both entering and leaving the site.

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