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Mer-world Experience

Our Mer-world Experience sessions run in 2-hour long slots at a time. During this time, we aim to submerge our swimmers in a complete underwater world.

We will show you how to use the monofins and tails to swim like a mermaid or merman, and capture you swimming in them with our top-of-the-range underwater camera.

We ask that participants are aged 6 and over, and are able to do all the skills listed below.

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Make-over & Photoshoot

We also offer a make-over and photoshoot during this time while you catch your breath, with a choice from a wide range of mermaid/shell accessories for you to adorn yourself with.

All the photos and videos that we take during the session will be sent to you electronically afterwards so that you can remember your experience and show them off to your friends and family.

If you would like more details or are interested in booking onto this experience, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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Before you book

For the safety of all participants involved, and to avoid disappointment, the following skills test will be given at the beginning of each session:

  • Able to swim 25 metres independently.
  • Able to submerge the face independently, not holding onto anything or anyone.
  • 360-degree tuck turn with the face out of the water using a sculling action.
  • Able to tread water in all parts of the pool.
  • Able to demonstrate an undulating movement/dolphin kick, with legs together for a minimum of 5 metres.

Should a child be unable to perform these skills, they will require one to one supervision from an instructor throughout the duration of the session, or the child will not be able to participate.

Mer-World Parties

A great alternative to a standard birthday party!

Group Size

6-8 swimmers per party


£40 per swimmer

Party Duration

2 hours long


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