What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the EU and EEA. It was adopted on 14th April 2016 and became enforceable from 25th May 2018. At CG Swim School we are dedicated to protecting our customers’ personal data and only collect information we feel is necessary. It is stored securely and is only shared between staff during the period of enrolment for health and safety purposes. It is held for a duration of 3 years for tax, research and statistical purposes though.

Information we collect

When enrolling for swimming lessons or onto a crash course, we ask for each swimmer’s name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details and medical requirements. These are essential for the safety of our swimmers and instructors, so that all necessary staff are correctly informed. This data is stored securely and is only accessible by relevant staff members. It is only collected and held with the swimmer’s consent.

Other permissions

Before swimmers are allowed to enter the pool for their first lesson, they are required to read and agree to our Health and Safety Terms and Conditions. These are signed by each swimmer (or their parent or guardian if they are under the age of consent) and are also kept securely. Lastly, from time to time we like to update our website and social media sites with images or videos taken during lessons, and/or use them in printed advertising. We collect permission for this and will only use images of the swimmers we have consent from. This consent can be withdrawn at any time and we will adhere to our swimmer’s requests.

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